CV Writing

Handy Hints and Tips to get you that interview!

The most important  tool you have when job searching is your CV,  its the first thing to hit the desk of potential employers or recruiters.  Some job boards like Indeed for some reason shorten CV’s to the point that important bits are missing!  Try attaching your CV to your application as well.

  • Always head your CV with a short personal statement– this should probably be changed for each job you apply for unless they are all very similar. Look at the job description and use this statement to show why you are the right candidate for the role!
  • Bullet point your key skills– 4/5 is enough and make sure they are relevant to the role you are applying for
  • Don’t list out all of your exam grades unless they are good or relevant to the role and RECENT. Generally its sufficient to just give the number of exams with grade A-C etc.
  • List All permanent/ contract employment for the last 10 years (even if short in tenure).
  •  Description of each role you completed ( 4 – 5 detailed bullet points is sufficient)
  • Any extra education you have completed (Degrees, Certificates, Masters)
  • Awards or Achievements that you have received in employment
  • Photographs are not really a necessity and sometimes can have an adverse effect
  • Keep your personal interests short and to the point

Remember if you need interview tips that’s what we are here for!