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Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment

Whether you need one person for short-term cover, or a team to help you meet a deadline, Swann Recruitment is here to help. We provide temporary staffing and recruitment services to amazing employers across office, manufacturing, warehouse and other positions. Small or large volume, last-minute or planned in advance, we understand your needs and we’re ready to help you.

How it Works

With temporary recruitment, we provide you with the workers you need and take care of everything else. You contact us with your requirement, we’ll ask you for all the information we need to fill it.

We’ll confirm an hourly charge rate with you that includes:

  • The Worker’s Hourly Pay
  • Statutory Contributions (including National Insurance, Holiday Pay and Pension)
  • Payroll Costs
  • Our Admin Fee

Once everything is confirmed, the worker takes the assignment with you. A timesheet is completed for the work they do, which we use to make sure we pay them and invoice you correctly.

We’re available throughout the assignment to make sure everything goes smoothly.

It’s that simple!

Doing the Right Thing

Our services are fully compliant with the Agency Workers Regulations and all other relevant requirements. All of our charges to employers are confirmed up front – there are no hidden fees. We make sure all of our candidates know about and have access to their holiday pay and pension, as well as what’s expected of both sides during a temporary assignment.

In short, we do things properly and never cut corners. If that’s what you’re looking for in a service, we’re going to get along perfectly!

From 1-100+ workers, if you’re looking into the benefits of temporary staffing, please contact us for full details of our services. We’d love to help you

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Temporary Recruitment

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